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Freddie and his chef “Eddie The Greek” took 4 months going back and forth working on different recipes, flavors & ingredients to bring the public & patients the best tasting hot sauce possible.

A few words about


“The flavor and taste are very important to me as a product with my name on it has to be the best. Once we found the right mix for the best taste , the next step was to make the sauce medicated and strong enough without changing the taste. After trying different levels of THC, fusing 420mg of THC in an 8 ounce bottle would give the people enough to feel the medication. The fact that being able to give something to this industry to help patients that really need it, makes this experience very rewarding. The support has been amazing and I cant wait for you all to try it! HOTT! TASTY & MEDICATED.”


-Freddie Hott Sauce

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